If you want to update your router (please check this list of incompatible routers) you may need to adjust your network settings to make sure your Base Station and cameras are able to switch from your old router to the new one. Here are some instructions on how to do this: 

First you'll need to decide if you want to hook up the new router via a connection to your existing router or if you want simply replace your old router.

Replacing the old router

One method is to copy all the settings from your old router to the new one. Refer to this link for more information:  http://www.howtogeek.com/210597/clone-your-current-router-for-a-headache-free-router-upgrade/ 

After adjusting the settings, you can connect your Base Station to the new router (it can take a few minutes for cameras to re-connect to your Base Station). 

If you don't copy your old router settings across to your new router, then any cameras you have operating over WiFi will not be able to connect to your local network. The cameras will still be looking for the old settings, including the original WiFi network name and WiFi password. If you have already replaced your router and have cameras operating over WiFi, then you'll need to connect these cameras to your new router with an ethernet cable and connect your Base Station to this new router as well. Using a long ethernet cable may eliminate the need to remove the cameras from their location. If you only have a short cable, then you will need to bring the cameras into the room that has your router. In the app you can then use the 'Wi-Fi Connection Configuration' in the settings for each camera to connect them to your new router's network.


Connecting your new router to your old router

If you just want to have a separate network for your CleverLoop system you can connect your new router to the old one. Please use a different SSID for each router, otherwise your cameras will be unable to tell which router they need to connect to. 

Please follow the instructions below:


1. Keep your old router as it is. Use an Ethernet cable to connect the new router to the old router. 

2. Keep your Base Station and cameras hooked up to the old router and make sure you can access your cameras using the CleverLoop app. 

3. Set an SSID for your new router. It should be different from your old one. 

4. Use the CleverLoop App to change your camera’s WiFi information to the new SSID (new router).
5. Disconnect your Base Station from your old router and connect it to your new one. (Your Base Station and your camera(s) should be connected to the new router).

6. Wait for a few minutes - the cameras should go online automatically.